Godaddy / Cloudflare 520 error (recent change)

We have limited configurability with our hosting tools. The closest I can get to performing task 1 as you described is to set our A record to DNS Only in cloudflare, make sure the error clears on our primary domain in our server (which it does, and our free GoDaddy SSL comes back to life), and then re-enable proxy in Cloudflare. Whether I do this with Flexible, Full or Full (strict), the 520 error returns very quickly. In fact with Full or Full (strict), we also intermittently get 525 SSL Handshake errors.

Yes, our CNAME record is the www version of our domain. I’m not sure whether it’s there for SSL certificate issuance verification or not. It’s been there from the beginning so we’ve just left it. Whether we have it Proxied or DNS Only whilst our A Record is either Proxied or DNS only makes no difference to the 520 results described earlier unfortunately.

Thank you for starting this topic. I’m facing the same issue and it seems that there’s no solution for this as of now! I purchased a cheap SSL certificate but since Godaddy is hosting my website under the “Managed Wordpress” plan I can’t access cpanel which means I can’t even install the SSL I’ve purchased! Godaddy is F**** useless to be fair!

PS: If anyone knows how to install a SSL with something like Filezilla or any free alternative to cpanel, I’d appreciate it greatly!

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We have been experiencing the error 520 on our website for a couple of weeks. We have tried all the options shown in this forum and we still cannot solve the problem. When we deactivate cloudflare the web doesn’t work either, we no longer know what to do. We are desperate.

what should we do from now on? If we do not find a solution, many websites will disappear because being active has an economic cost.

I also have the same issues but with another CMS not GD but the question is why is this happening now and not before?

Last year we have no issue with Cloudflare now there are random 520s errors specially on spike traffic my hosting doesn’t allow me to change any server configuration and I can only manage the CMS and SSL.

In my case if I set SSL flexible and disable the 301 redirection from http to https on my CMS then the problem disappears if I set the CMS to SSL only and Cloudflare to full of strict the problem is back again randomly.

So it’s no only with GD I’m on a paid plan so it’s not only with free users.

Has anyone else found that the 520 error when accessing a GoDaddy Managed Wordpress site through Cloudflare proxy (using either Flexible or Full SSL/TLS encryption mode) seems to have stopped occurring?

To avoid the issue, I applied a GD SSL certificate to one of our domains and disable CF proxy functionality. But I left the other domain as was. I didn’t check it for a while, but I did look last night (shortly after 00:01 BST on 19th September) and the issue wasn’t occuring and still (09:30 BST September) isn’t occurring.

Status Cake (which was previously reporting issues almost every check when the 520 issue was happening) hasn’t reported any issues at all during that almost 10 hour period, but it wasn’t monitoring since 14th September (I got fed up with the repeated emails telling me nothing new) so I don’t know when (between 14th and 19th September the issue stopped.

Hopefully it’s fixed for good.

Thanks for posting. I haven’t tried again yet, but we have observed that a recurring “503 Service Unavailable” error on our GD Managed WordPress server stopped occurring this week. It had been happening daily, often for long periods, and often several times a day, for the previous few weeks. We weren’t able to resolve the problem ourselves, and the error was widely reported by others during this period. The reporting of this issue by others has also stopped this week. I’ll try to proxy with CloudFlare again next weekend and report back here. I can’t try it any sooner unfortunately. Please keep us updated.

Yep same here. I purposely left a few demo sites on Cloudflare to monitor if GoDaddy ever put a fix in place and I can confirm they’re all fine now as of the beginning of last week. We had to turn off loads of live sites from using Cloudflare during the period it was broken and now I guess we can look at turning them back on.

Issues appear to have recurred again today (520/525 errors connecting through CF to GD Managed WordPress site), so I’ve had to disable CF proxy caching again


Yep, you’re absolutely right.

Support have essentially said they do not have to support third-party software. Let’s see if the rush of complaints gives them enough clues to fix it.

Do anyone know the solution? ,… loosing rank, traffic daily, pleas god help us!! :sweat:

Could everyone start putting pressure on the GoDaddy support account on Twitter?

September 22

Do anyone know the solution? ,… loosing rank, traffic daily, pleas god help us!! :sweat:

Cloudflare is unstable from few days and its a disaster with 520 error from cloudflare - #23 by user75214 this is the same issue here

can someone call cloudflare as they haven’t replied to my tickets and no one has got back to us
they used to respond back so quickly but post covid its impossible to get ar esponse from the support team

Yes! I am also using Managed WordPress with GoDaddy and facing the same issues since past 3-4 weeks. Tried googling the solution but nothing helpful.

And yes, I’ve read some comments in this thread mentioning that it’s only happening in the free plan and not the paid one. But that shouldn’t have to be the case, right? And a bit confusion here. Is the fault from GoDaddy or from Cloudflare? Some comments confused me more than I was before reading them. GoDaddy support, as mentioned by some other people too isn’t proving to be any useful at all.

Does anyone have definite solution? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.