GoDaddy + Cloudfare + Subdomain Kinsta (WordPress) + Domaine Shopify

Hello Cloudfare Community!

Here the “context” :

  • domain1 is currently pointing to a Worpdress hosted by Kinsta
  • domain2 is currently pointing to a Shopify
  • register is GoDaddy
  • DNS manager is Cloudfare

I want to keep domain1 and I created sub.domain1 (and delete domain2 or simply redirect it to domain1)

For now :

  • domain1 is still pointing to Wordpress
  • sub.domain1 is also pointing to my new Wordpress on Kinsta (with record A → sub → IP (Kinsta) + record CNAME → www.sub → sub/domain1

I want to :

  • use domain1 for my Shopify
  • use sub.domain1 for my Wordpress hosted by Kinsta

What I did in Cloudfare :

It works for some minutes then my sub.domain1. was down.

What I did in GoDaddy : nothing

Can someone help with this config ?
Thanks a lot in advance,

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