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Hello Team:

My site is experiencing 520 errors since July 23rd. I have done every thing in my access such as checked the logs there were no parse error, i deactivated all plugins but still the issues not reproduced. I looked into the other topics in the forum seems nothing is working.

There was a same type of issues happening in 2018 where Godaddy stated that there was a DDoS mitigation.

I have tried all the Quick fix ideas stated here:

Can someone assist me to reproduce the issue, i will provide all the information required to investigate the issue.

Godaddy open topic:

  • Are you facing the issue.

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Same thing is happening to my site, there was a system status related to this:

Its been two days, analytics going down and not know what to do.

Cloudflare should look into this, the error is from cloudflare i have already done everything provided in the community to solve it. The host is ok no issues no errors nothing nada.

Temporary fix is to grey cloud the DNS or Pause cloudflare.

Looking forward for a permanent fix.

P.S: Developer mode also fixes the issue but as it expires same errors again. 520 is a General error it could be anything, but i assure its from cloudflare.

A glimpse above

Useful: There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server

Issue still exist rocket loader is not the issue.

I have also getting 520 errors. Sometimes when i open my website i get 520 status code, Web server is returning an unknown error.
Can anyone help me why this happend ?

The community doesn’t much help in these errors as its a general error could be your host. I have provided a link above it may help you.

Created a topic with details:

Which hosting you are ??

i am also facing the issue.

It most likely will be the same issue or a similar like in the other thread where you commented and you probably best contact your host and pause Cloudflare for now.

However, what’s the domain to begin with (as the first posting in this forum actually prompts everyone :wink:)?

Also, do you have a certificate on your server?

I just migrated my site to a SSL hosting, how should config my site over here as i have now ssl so do i have to use the Flexible ssl or not ??


Encryption mode should always be “Full strict” and “Full strict” only. Everything else is not secure.

SSL is signed by GoDaddy will Full strict work ??

As i selected flexible and site is now showing ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS ??

I changed it to full strict the site is now up and running with 520.

Thank you @sandro for assisting.

Same suggestion as in the other thread. Pause Cloudflare and first make sure that your site works in an unproxied context.

When i go a Full(Strict) the site sometime face SSL Handshake error ?? Error 525


I have verified its a validate SSL certificate, still this error is occurring ??

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If you get a 525 you still have no certificate. As I said more than once you should pause Cloudflare.


I have paused it and everything seems to be ok, as you said

and now i resumed it with Full Strict and Always HTTPS enabled but after a while SSL Handshake Error and as you

I have it, after pausing i can see HTTPs with

(Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2) Certificate.