Go Daddy connection To Blogger SSL Handshake Issues

Ive connected one of my domains to blogger platform… had a few teething problems but now its fine…
the second domain seems to have me stumped … keeps getting 525 handshake fail…

Ive changed the dns and added blogger codes in line with blogger instructions… but can not get blogger to accept the custom dommain Im forwarding too…(a go daddy domain)

In comparing the Cloudflare settings to my site which works and the only discrapancy appears to be the hosts… settings on the right are for blackcountrynostalgia (not working)and on the left simondonnelly.com(working fine)

Can anyone advise should i get rid of offending entries and how?
Thank you

You need to install the certificate you created on your server.

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I would suggest you pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS, and only then unpause Cloudflare.

i don’t think i need to add a SSL Certificate as Google/Blogger does it automatically for you

thanks… is there a function to migrate your dns back to godaddy so i can check or would i have to manually add it back.? or just change nameservers back maybe?

Then you don’t need that certificate in the first place, but the issue is right now you do not seem to have a certificate, hence the suggestion to pause.

As for “migrating”, yes that would mean to change the nameservers.

thanks sandro I have paused cf and will revert back and re instate the godaddy dns, hopfully blogger will accept my custom domain request which will fix the issue…

If you haven’t added the domain yet, then you found the reason why it doesn’t work yet :slight_smile:

Google needs to know about the domain.

well yes :wink:

if i cut out cf then blogger should verify my domian… but adding the suggested cname records on godaddy doesnt always work… i have had issues with a different domain which resolved when i moved dns from godaddy to cf so i can try verify on go daddy then shift back to cf hopfully it will work

Yeah, you will need to finish the verification with them. Once your site loads fine without Cloudflare, it should also work fine on Cloudflare.

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hey thats fixed sandro nice one thanks for your advice :pray:

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