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I purchased my domain via Go Daddy and recently transacted with a third party who is providing analytics along with other products for our website. I was asked if I would like assistance in getting the CName records updated to which I said yes. Upon them assisting, I was informed that the Go Daddy is not the one hosting my website and that Cloudflare is actually the one doing so. Therefore, I would need to contact Cloudflare myself and get the matter rectified. I am unfamiliar with how this process works- what’s a CName, etc. Essentially, I am illiterate in this realm. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That’s not a good indication of their competence. GoDaddy most likely is hosting your website, but Cloudflare is providing DNS and Proxy services.

That being said, don’t give them any of your login credentials.

Since Cloudflare is providing DNS for your domain, that CNAME record belongs here:

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I appreciate your advice & will get on adding the DNS record now. Thank you sir.

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When entering the CNAME record into the DNS Management, I received an error prompt stating that there’s already “An A, AAA or CNAME record with that host already exists. Code 81053)”. Upon looking over the list, I notice there are two Type “A” records for the word “search” that I was asked to create the CNAME for. Should I delete the “A” records(?) and enter a CNAME in its place? Again, my apologies since I am a fish out of the water when it comes to this topic.

Yes. But take a screenshot first, or write down that “A” record information in case you need it later.

No apologies necessary. It’s a good opportunity to learn.

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Done & done. Thank you again.

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