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Hello . Im having issue with my emails bouncing. My web guy has sent me what he thinks is wrong. This is really over my head but Ill do my best to provide the information needed. From my webguy … Gmail accounts don’t receive emails from the website. The error shown is: The sender must authenticate with at least one of SPF or DKIM. For this message, checks did not pass and SPF check for [] did not pass with ip: []. It looks like there are problems with the spf1 DNS TXT entry. Also, there seems to be two spf1 entries. One needs to be removed and the other one should be modified to allow the website domain and IP address as mentioned. Siteground hosting provider currently changed the server IP address, which might have caused the issue. I have contacted Siteground and they are saying its a CF or Outlook issue.

I have just posted a similar message *before I spotted yours) and, like you, this topic - and its solution - is over my head. I think only Cloudflare can add the necessary code to make domains using their name servers successfully send emails to Gmail. But I am told they are no longer contactable - which is an extraordinary situation!!

Unless someone comes to our rescue on this forum, I am not sure what can be done. We are a charity and cannot just no longer be able to reach recipients (and there are a lot of them) who use Gmail.

I’m curious to know if I upgrade to a paid plan I will get help . Could be steering us in that direction. I didn’t even know I had a free version , at least I think I do. :). So clueless about this stuff. I know more about Siteground and they are fantastic. Not sure if I can move everything over to there.

I just received an email from my “ web guy “. After forwarding you email he is suggesting it take it all over to SG. They currently have a free transfer “ promo “ going. I guess I can’t blame CF , since it’s free. I just like having things in one area. I’m not getting any younger!

So, is SG Siteground? I don’t understand enough to know, if we did transfer our web site, whether it would be down for any length of time. That’s something we would have to avoid if at all possible. A short time would be OK, but longer would be a problem for us. Do you happen to know whether transferring across would make any difference to anything else?

Yes. Siteground. Their sites states they will do a “ free transfer “. Not sure what that encompasses but if they cannot do it , my web guy would be able too. I don’t believe there is any downtime , if there is , I see it as being minimal. I’m going to inquire with Siteground today. I will let you know my findings. is an IP address of a server that claims to be named

Looking at the IP address, according to the IP registry RIPE, it leads to something called “SiteGround Chicago”.

Was this exactly what SiteGround said?

I don’t see how it can be a Cloudflare[1] or Outlook[2] issue, when you have problems delivering from SiteGround[3] IP addresses to Gmail[4].

Since you are delivering messages through SiteGround, it will be at SiteGround’s responsibility to assist you with how you need to do the set up, e.g. how they want you to set up e.g. your DNS to fit their infrastructure.

Only when they have helped you with that, you will be able to coordinate e.g. the DNS, which, if you use Cloudflare for the DNS, must be done through Cloudflare.

I hardly doubt that any paid Cloudflare plan would entitle you to any kind of support on how to use, or otherwise configure your domain for SiteGround’s (or any other third party’s) services.

That would be the responsibility of SiteGround (or any other third party) involved.

Fantastic at attempting to make other companies, community forums, et cetera provide support for THEIR infrastructure? :thinking:

But would that be the right thing to do?

Providing even more support to the ones that are not actually supporting you well enough?

I would rather do the opposite, e.g. leaving them (SiteGround), for failing to support you with your use of their own infrastructure, but maybe that’s just me…

… All that being said:

Correct, one of them would have to go.

Looking at them:    300     IN      TXT     "v=spf1 -all"    300     IN      TXT     "v=spf1 mx ~all"
  1., … are you actually using Proofpoint these days?

  2., although your inbound mail (MX records) appear to point to Office 365 / Outlook, are you actually using them to send messages?

  3. , … are you actually using Brevo / Sendinblue these days?

  4. mx from the second record is definitely being there as a part of a misconception of how SPF works, considering the remaining parts of your current set up.

If you can reply to the above questions, we may be able to provide to the above questions, we might be able to get you through to a (better) final result.

None of all this can be Cloudflare’s fault though, but only SiteGround’s for (partially or even fully?) failing to provide you with proper advice and guidance on how to adjust your configuration to match their infrastructure.

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You were spot on!! Thank you so much. I forwarded your response to my web guy and he had it fixed right away!! SG agreed too ! I appreciate your help !!

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