GMail replies with cloudflare forwarding

I was recently granted access to the mail forwarding beta. It was very easy to set up forwarding rules to Gmail, but I’m having some trouble finding documentation on how to reply using my domain with a free Gmail account.

I have seen a number of tutorials for sending mail via another SMTP server in Gmail, but cloudflare mail forwarding doesn’t provide that type of interface as far as I can tell - I guess I’d really want Gmail to circle back to itself for sending messages? I’m not sure if I should make another DNS entry that points back to Gmail’s mail server and auth to that or if there’s a cleaner way if doing it.

Apologies if this is a dumb question. I haven’t done much with mail before.

I don’t think Gmail forces you to use an SMTP server to do “Send As…”.

I think those instructions are out of date. When following those instructions, it prompts me for an SMTP server and credentials - it doesn’t have an email verification option.

That’s all the info I have. I don’t use Gmail, so I can’t check it out.

No worries - thanks for looking. Hopefully someone else has done this with Gmail.


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