Gmail Outbound

How do I get my gmail to return an email that was forwarded using my domain name

Can you clarify what you mean, when you say “return”?

If I am sending you a message through your domain name, that you via Cloudflare Email Routing is forwarding in to your address, then you want to refuse the delivery of that message, so the message is being returned me (e.g. the sender)?

Is that correctly understood?

  • Assuming you’re forwarding to a personal Gmail, visit and create an “app password”, choose other as the type of app and name it anything like Cloudflare aliases; store the app password that is displayed.
  • Still in your personal Gmail, go to your personal Gmail > Cog icon > See All Settings > Accounts and Imports > and in the “Send email as” section click “Add another email address”. Set up SMTP using, keep port as 587, username should be [email protected] and the app password we created, and submit. It will send a confirmation that you enter on the next screen. Do this for as many aliases as you need to send from like [email protected] & [email protected]; you can use the same app password.
  • Still in your personal Gmail’s Send email as section, check to Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

This will send and reply from your custom domain, however Gmail will show [email protected] via Gmail. DKIM needs to be set up to get rid of via Gmail. I haven’t figured this part out yet, so if anyone knows please share.