Gmail not receiving emails

Hi all. I have a domain email that is pointed to Cloudflare. I then have gmail fetching the emails. They arrive instantly to my webmail in my hosting account, but take forever and sometimes don’t arrive at all to the same email address that is in gmail.

I’ve setup the two mx records and the 3 cname records as per the hosting instructions.

Any ideas?

I should add that I can send emails from this domain email address in gmail, and they are sent and received instantly. For some reason its only the receiving email in gmail that is the issue.

Hello there,

I assume you are talking about the Email routing feature here. Is that correct? If not, assuming having proper records:

do you also have SPF, DKIM & DMARC record?

For, Gmail may block your email considering them as spam or related while webmail doesn’t.
Here’s a guide to add if you don’t have one:

or You can do so through DMARCIAN

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