Gmail no longer able to log into email after moving to CF


I recently set a domain up on Cloudflare and the site works perfectly fine. The emails were being managed before CloudFlare by Gmail. Now gmail cannot connect with the mail server. The records appear correct and are labeled DNS Only.

Any suggestions as to what I need to change?

Thanks so much

I am using too Gmail on one of my domains, my DNS tab looks like below (possibly I am using older configuration a bit but could help).

Furthermore, have you got any CNAME records and possibly :orange: (proxied) too? If so, kindly switch them to :grey: (DNS-only).

And maybe you are missing some record?
Can you share a screenshot of your DNS records - if so, please mask/hide the content (IP address of your origin host/server if using it, just in case).

May I ask have you followed the instructions how to setup G Suite / Gmail with Cloudflare from below article?:

Helpful articles:

Thanks for your quick reply.

I was not clear. The email server is the hosting domain not Google. The emails are read by and can be sent from Gmail. Basically Gmail is the client for managing the emails. It is not a G-Suite account.

The MX records are the same as pre-CloudFlare as they were set up by Cloudflare. The host is SiteGround.

I guess one issue could be that the Google/SiteGround issues have not yet been resolved.

Screenshot: 11.24.2021-16.28.19

Steps to-do:

  1. Remove A localhost
  2. A autoconfig, A autodiscover, A ftp, A get (not sure what for is that used, but …), A mail → make sure all of them are set to :grey: (DNS-only)
  3. In your e-mail client (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail, Gmail, etc.), for the receiving/sending (POP/IMAP/SMTP) server do not forget to set to (replace mydomain with your actual domain name) and SSL connection too (usually with combination of SPA authentication if available to you)

Check your Gmail if it is set to use (for a server) and with SSL connection, or it rather is not set like that.

From the screenshot above you provided, I am afraid not so. (see the 1-2-3 steps mentioned from above)

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