Gmail MX Verification Record is missing upon attempting activation

Here is a screencast overview of the issue. Basically I have popped in all MX records and they’re working fine as evidenced in the gmail check. But I’m also required to do an MX activation record and that’s the one that gmail is saying is missing.

This is the MX verification record that is not recognised:
In google it has a full stop at the end, but Cloudflare removes it automatically which I’m wondering if that could be the problem?

No the period at the end is hidden. If that verification record is a CNAME, make sure it’s set to :grey: (DNS Only). If you need us to double-check, post the full CNAME record you’re using.

hey @sdayman - hmmm interesting.

The verification record is an MX record not a CNAME record, nor TXT.

I’ve done domain verification with txt before but not MX. I did only update Nameservers from Godaddy to Cloudserver this morning. But if it was a propagation issue, would it still have accepted the other Gmail MX records that I input? (which it did just fine, it just didn’t like the MX verification record).

See below

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