Gmail MX tags not working

Have had the MX tags in for months now, nobody seems to be able to help.

I have setup the MX tags on other domains for GSuite without any problems but for some reason this domain doesn’t work.

I think it’s because the TLD .solutions is strange.

I’ve chatted with Google support, but they say it’s a Cloudflare issue.

You can check the error here: Check MX: There were some critical problems detected with this domain.

Anyone with insight would be great, below you’ll see my mx tags.

Under “Name” it shouldnt list the hostname of the mail server but your domain.

Thats something that Google should have been able to tell you though :roll_eyes:

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You should replace all the left column with @ which is the quickest way of doing it, your domain name as @sandro suggested works fine as well.

It will show the domain name, even if you specify the @ shortcut :slight_smile:

Yep, I know, that’s why I proposed it!

I’m not understanding where I put the @


If I change the “Server” to @ it does this:


I see what you were saying now, the name, the name!

Lol, I have it working now.

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Yes, the name :slight_smile:

Good, you are welcome, still surprised about Google and the fact they couldnt point that out.

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