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Good day

I’m trying to connect my domain to another my domain like alias.
For connect Google asked me to add next MX record

I did this task.

but after 3 day - Gmail’s feedback answered that CANT CONFIRM setting.

I think - maybe its about “.” at the End of domain (Cloudflare dont accept dot and the end of string), maybe i made some other mistake

Help me please. Where i made mistake?


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Can you post the domain?

I stopped getting notification via gmail, and after spending a day with my support at namecheap the issue was resolved. Google recently changed security, and gmail isn’t working properly now. That’s why I’ve recently set up a new email using my cpanel. Just thought this might help you somehow

Your MX records do not seem to conform to what Google requires

@sandro GSuite may ask for different MX values in the admin dashboard.


@dennis6 It looks like you may have mistyped one or two based on the screenshots you provided.
. You should go through your MX records and change each key/subdomain to @

Fair enough, there might be exceptions I am not aware of, I have always been assigned the mailservers mentioned in the Help Center article.

sandro, Judge
sorry but your advices - not useful…

i did same configs…

so because i have a question - why its not confirm?!

In your GSuite console under “domains -> add/remove domains”, does your website show as “active”? I’m able to resolve your MX now.

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