Gmail mail.*yourwebsite*.com no longer works with cloudflare

Hi there,
I’ve successfully transfered my domain over to Cloudflare and use it certificates, however there is one thing I can’t figure out.
in the past I used to type “” to take me to my gmail account but it no longer works.
When I go to it it says “Error 525 SSL handshake failed”
The email is working fine if I just go to “gmail” but I’d curious to know how I can fix this.
I’m on the free plan and I host with JustHost.


There probably isn’t a certificate installed for that subdomain on your server.

I had to change the CNAME setting in the DNS setting for the gmail aliases to DNS only and now it works fine.

Yes, that bypasses Cloudflare so would work… Sorry, I was under the impression that you wanted to use CF services on that subdomain.

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