Gmail is blocking our email

I received an auto email from Google that my outbound email was blocked due to SPF and DKIM not being found.

I have SPF and SKIM added here on Cloudflare DNS, as well as on my server in WHM.

My question is do I need the SPF and DKIM record in both Cloudflare and WHM, or just one location, and which one?

Here’s the notice from Google:

Thank you In Advance!

Your DNS is at Cloudflare so that’s where the records need to be.

From what’s in your error message, your SPF record actually looks good to me. Did you change it after getting the error?

You can try which lets you send an actual email and then reports on what is or isn’t wrong with it.

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The dmarcian SPF Surveyor doesn’t like the missing all mechanism, but it shouldn’t prevent the record from evaluating successfully if the relay IP matches one of the two listed.

thank you for your reply. I was able to figure out the issue and made changes and it is now set up properly. The websites to test made all the difference for me, so thank you!

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Yes, I have seen that, but for some reason, when I add the ~all it creates a PERMERROR. When I remove ~all, it works and passes.

Have you tried this as your SPF record?

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: -all

It is also advisable to sign your email work DKIM since DKIM signatures often survive email forwarding. This is beneficial when email from your domain winds up trying to make its way into a Gmail inbox after first being sent to an email address that forwards to a Gmail account.

I’ll give it a whirl and report back, not sure what you mean about Signing my email work DKIM, can you explain that for me? TIA.

Here is an explanation of DKIM. You will need to consult your email provider’s documentation for guidance on how to configure their system to sign your emails.

Yes, adding ~all worked fine. thank you!

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I’m partial to -all, but ~all is better than the default of ?all, so at least it’s an improvement.

I admin my own server and it appears DKIM is set up properly.

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oh yes, that is what I added, thank you!

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