Gmail is blocking emails it thinks is spam

I believe an SPF record needs to be added to cloudflare DNS server. How is this done?

You need to ask the email provider you use for your outbound messages, what kind of addition (most often a include:) that they will suggest you to have in your SPF record.

Google will for example request you to have β€œ” in your SPF record, so if it is Google you use, to send your outbound messages, you would add a TXT record, with information like this:

Type: TXT
Name: @
Content: v=spf1 –all
TTL: Preferably set it to something like 12-24 hours, as mail related records likely do not change that often.


Note: The actual include: (or whatever) to use in the Content block, instead of e.g. β€œ”, should, as mentioned in the beginning, be substituted with the information you receive from the email provider you use for your outbound messages.

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