Gmail images broken

I run a self hosted Bitwarden instance. Whenever it sends an email to Gmail, the links come back as broken.


Image URL is showing as

If I go to it shows as intended.

Hotlink protection is already disabled in Cloudflare, so I’m not quite sure what steps I need to take to resolve. Could it be a firewall rule that’s stopping the Google bots from fetching the image? If so, how best to check?

Further info:

Is there any way to just allow google image bots, but not others? Would allowing the ASN be suitable or no?

It tells you exactly what’s blocking it: A Firewall Rule named “Block bots.”

I don’t know what your rule looks like, but if you add something like: User Agent does NOT contain googleimageproxy, that should fix it.

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Ah perfect, thank you!

Aye, I was aware of what was blocking it, but I’m a bit green with which option to have chosen to allow just that particular one.

All good now, appreciate it!

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