Gmail images blocked


We are doing email marketing and using cloudflare .
But when we have an issue with gmail users .
Some gmail ips are cosidered threats because they are used to download the imagez before showing them in the email.
Any solutions please


Only in Gmail? My first thought was hot linked images, but if it’s just Gmail, maybe you can add a Page Rule for images (*.jpg) with a lower security setting.


yes only in Gmail , because they use their own ips to download the images before showing them again , like this :


any help please


A way around this is to encode the images in the body of the email. Then reference their SRCs by CID. Almost like an attachment. I know how to do this with ColdFusion, and know it’s possible in just about every other language - but I don’t think it’s an option in email campaign softwares.

How are you sending the emails out?


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