Gmail emails not being delivered

Good day!
I’m hosting with godaddy and using cloudflare as my DNS…
I’m unable to send emails from my domains to a gmail address. I’ve tried by setting up ‘sending’ withing gmail and from Cpanel…
When I contacted GoDaddy they tell me it’s Cloudflare and the MX records aren’t pointing to Cpanel.
I’m using the MX records they gave me. MX AT “mail dot mydomain dot com” 0
The mails I send from ‘meATmydomain dot com’ to personATanyone’exceptgmail’ dot com work fine
and if I send from Gmail to ‘meATmydomain dot com’ it works aswell.
I’ve been struggling with this for almost a week…

It would help if you could provide the actual domain.

one is kingfishprojects dot com

OK… is was a SRV record that has to include the cpanel autodiscovery line…
All sorted, working now

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