Gmail emails doesn't work since Cloudflare CDN

Hello there,

I have my SMTP emails running on Gmail but my emails don’t work since I switched to Cloudflare CDN. I use Siteground as my sever. My website is Can someone help me? Thank you

I hope I understand what you are trying to achieve but let me know if it isn’t :sweat_smile:
You’re trying to use your email though Gmail as a GSuite domain?
I also have my domain linked a s GSuite domain and have the following records:

These are my settings after following (or if you just want the right MX records)

Did you follow that support article or is that not what you intended to do?

Thanks for the reply. This is a not Gsuite. This is a pop email. I have created a normal gmail account, from there I have added pop email through “Send mail as” option in gmail settings “accounts and import”.

Okay, different ideas then:

Do you have any MX records set up? As those are necessary to make email work for a domain.
Maybe try following this article if you haven’t already

Did the email work before you moved to Cloudflare? Do you still have those DNS records available so you can compare the two maybe.

I also have a problem that fits into this topic. I’m trying to connect my GSuite with Cloudfare and has done everything that Google told me to do but when I “Activate Google " I get " Your MX records didn’t match. You’ll need to delete and add the missing records below.” message.[]

Any suggestions?

@joevil24 did you follow this support article? and also awaited the 24 hours for DNS propagation?

Thank for answering. Yes I followed that exact directions but I must have missed the 24 hour waiting period.Ok,I’ll wait until tomorrow and then try again

Currently your Mx records point to something other than gmail, so you either need to correct them or ask your anti-spam provider.

dig mx +short                                                           

Are you referring to my situation…I can’t get Cloudfare and GSuite to connect?

If so,can you expand a bit on how to rectify it

Thank you

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