GMAIL DKIM Won't authenticate

I have added the DKIM records as a TXT record
Proxy=DNS only

tried with default selector ‘google’ and non default

I have tested the records on various DKIM checkers and record appears ‘valid’

I add the record then goto back G Apps admin panel and click start authentication, it just sits there I’ve left it a good 48 hrs and still nothing.

Driving me crazy! Any help would be appreciated.

I already have the SPF record added a while ago and that appears fine.

I do have DNSSEC enabled and verified, and my domain register is with a third party not Cloudflare.

Hi @user31,

Have you added the record with name google._domainkey, it sounds like you have.

Can you post a screenshot of the record and also your domain name?

I tried that and it didn’t work so I have tried a different selector and still not working, I’ve just generated a new key and left the selector as ‘google’!
Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 10.23.27|690x422

That record looks OK to me and is returned on a lookup for your domain. If it still doesn’t show at Google in 24hrs or so, I would ask them what is wrong.

Yes, can’t work out what the issue is. Don’t think they offer support on legacy free gapps accounts anymore though! The record doesn’t show up when testing DNSSEC though, should it?

Hmm… No I don’t think they do. I wouldn’t expect it to, but I’m not entirely sure!

It showed up when I queried for TXT records, which is what I would expect and what shows up for my GSuite domain.

Use 1024 length key

ok I’ve tried that, let’s see what happens! Does CF not support 2048?

I have a suspicion it was working, I was just expecting the button ‘stop authentication’ to change status to authenticated. It still doesn’t pass the google mx toolbox test for DKIM, although it passes DMARC now, added the DMARC record to test.

I have emailed to another gmail account, checking the header reveals pass for SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

I’ll wait another 24hrs, then I might then test again with 2048 key.

I have the same problem.
added the record in as txt around 25-26.04.2020 and still not verified from google.
they say that the problem is not at there side…
@user31 (how)did you get it worked?

ignore the status in google it does work the status doest change from ‘stop authentication’ I’m using a 1024 key. havnt tested with 2048 yet

Check using this to ensure record is valid

okay thanks, nice thats work (with 2048 too). than i play the ball back google that they have to fix there site :smiley:

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