Gmail connection problem


I’ll start with the information that I keep my pages on two identical servers with the same provider.

Domains assigned to one server are supported by Cloudflare without any problems. The domains from the second one have a problem receiving mail. And more specifically with receiving mail via Gmail.

My provider said that all records are correct. I completed all the steps from this manual (I added MX records and flushed DNSs at Google).

And nothing happened. The same “connection timed out” error pops up in Gmail.

What should I do?

That’s not a ton of errors. It’s just DKIM and DMARC warnings for spam prevention.

If your domain is using Gmail for email, it sure doesn’t make sense why your staff can’t send internal email. Gmail shouldn’t be trying to make any external connections that might time out. Have you asked Google Support about this?

The problem applies to every domain on one server and none on the other. So I think it’s not Gmail problem. There is some difference in the DNS settings automatically downloaded by Cloudflare.

I noticed one difference. Domains on a server that works well - Cloudflare has downloaded two TXT records:

Domains on the server with which there is a problem - Cloudflare has downloaded only one TXT record:

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