Gmail blocking emails routed from Cloudflare

woke up this morning to no emails in my gmail inbox. thought gmail was down but a bit of looking around uncovered this in the email routing activity log:

Our system has detected that this
message is likely suspicious due to the very low reputation of the
sending domain. To best protect our users from spam, the message has
been blocked. Please visit
Why has Gmail blocked my messages? - Gmail Help for more information. p198-20020a3742cf000000b00706d7d76e6dsi431843qka.198 - gsmtp

after almost a year this finally caught up with my main domain. routing for other domains seems fine. not like i was getting a lot of spam, at least judging by my inbox and spam box. learning the hard way that email routing isn’t as easy as set it and forget it.

don’t know whom to blame, Cloudflare, google, both? maybe if Cloudflare had decent spam checking and allowed users to choose its strictness level. or if google wasn’t such a drama queen about it.

sucks that it’s come to this and now seems like i must scramble to find another way to receive my emails. doubt there’s a way to undo this, right?

For individual users, email forwarding has been a losing strategy for longer than Cloudflare’s Email Routing has been available. Being quite familiar with the challenges it poses, I was actually quite stunned when I first saw the Email Routing product. Obviously it works for some. I view it as an obsolete practice that invites headache. There is no shortage of inexpensive options that are preferable to email forwarding in most cases.

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you’re right. was kind of aware of the potential risks but was hoping google would give some consideration to the company doing the relaying and be more judicious about filtering and blocking the suspicious emails.

in fact it was like that for a long time, until it wasn’t.

yes, many inexpensive option available but not too many free options. also some of us would like all emails dumped in one gmail inbox without needing to mess with pop/imap.

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