Gmail and SPF Record and PTR record

Good day,
We have an email server and about half of our outbound emails to GMAIL recipients are bouncing back.
I read an article that said it was important to have a reverse lookup/PTR record and and SPF record.
I created an SPF record, yet am not sure that I did it correctly.
I do not see where the Reverse Lookup database is to create the PTR record.
Does anyone have any advice or experience with this?
Thank you,

The PTR record would be made by the owner of the IP address block your mail server uses (public IP block). They are the ones responsible for what’s known as the domain where those records are created / managed.

That record lookup looks something like

dig -x +short

In this case Microsoft is my mail provider so it handled this automatically. If I were instead say getting an IP block from my ISP (e.g. AT&T) I’d have to request they create the record.

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