Gmail access down. need to update MX records

we have a domain registered, and paid for, via hostway. we only use it, at the moment, for email management (via gmail), as the previous associated website no longer exists. our email suddenly stopped working, and I contacted hostway. They gave me the named servers associated with the domain, and they claimed these were associated with cloudflare. we’ve never asked for this, or have any idea we had an account with cloudflare - so we’re not sure how this happened - perhaps its a default setup from hostway?
anyway - they said that we need to contact cloudflare to get the MX records updated. so how do we do that, if we have no knowledge of our cloudflare account, or having had no contact with cloudflare before.

What is the domain name?

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velocafemagasin . com

Your domain is pending with Cloudflare…

First, check that your nameservers shown at the bottom of this page…
…are and If not you are either in the wrong Cloudflare account, or you have deleted the domain from Cloudflare and added it back again. You will need to update the nameservers at your registrar.

Check you have added the correct domain to Cloudflare and spelt it correctly.

If you have no idea how any of this came about and don’t have a Cloudflare account, you will need to find out who set this up for you and ask them to sort it out, or regain control of the domain by changing the nameservers back to your host or to a new Cloudflare account.

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thanks. need to chase up who set the cloudflare account for us. I asked everyone with access to the hostway domain, and no-one is aware of cloudflare.

You can try to go to and press “Forgot your email?”. This will send an email to whoever is the account holder for your domain so may remind someone.


some more insight from Hostway. Our name servers have been in place for a long while with cloudflare - so they may have been set up by a 3rd party who were originally involved with a website associated with the domain. however this website has not been used for several years, and we no longer have contact with the 3rd party website developer.
Is there a way to register a new account with cloudflare and take control of those name servers and associated functionality (just email required at the moment).

Create the new Cloudflare account. Add the domain to that account and create the DNS records you need for email support.

The domain in the new account will have 2 Cloudflare nameservers that will be different from the ones currently used for the domain. Change the nameservers at your registrar (*) to the new ones and then the domain will be controlled by your new account.

(*) I assume you have access to the registrar account. If not then you are stuck.

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ah. yes - ok - I think I understand. yes - we have access to the registrar. I’ll give this a go and report back. thanks for your promt support!

that seemed to work fine. have registered a new cloudflare account with a separate email in our control, and issued the new name servers. Updated in our registrar and immediately our email worked.

this thread can be closed. thanks again.

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