Glue vs. A record Conflict

Just bought a new domain and pointed the nameservers a google domains over to ones provided by cloudflare. Set up my DNS records at cloudflare to point to the hosting provider. Setup is just like I have done before with several other working domains but the site won’t resolve and leafdns is showing this error

Not exactly sure what to do to fix this problem…

Thanks for the quick reply but those articles don’t explain why my domain still isn’t resolving correctly

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The leafdns test seems to be making up rules around how DNS behaves, and ignoring when a name has multiple IP addresses. Glue is only required when your nameservers are inside your zone, such as if you have as a nameserver for the domain Without glue you would have no way to find the IP address for, so the zone would be uncontactable.

If you are using the normal Cloudflare nameservers, then glue is not relevant.

Ignoring the leafdns test, what is the issue you are having, and can you share the domain name?

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