Glue vs. A record Conflict Cloudflare NS

Our domains, have been receiving the following error over and over for days “Server has disconnected. The server may have gone down or there may be a network problem.”

After a few days of investigating we discovered the Cloudflare nameserver may be the cause. Please see the error about the Cloudflare name server.

"Glue vs. A record Conflict The parent nameservers are providing glue that disagrees with a recursive lookup of the A record for… It is highly recommended that this be corrected. This may result in intermittent and hard to explain resolution failures. FAIL: Nameserver IP Consistency Your local nameservers contain NS records with IP’s not listed by the parent nameservers. The results of this are undefined in the DNS specifications, and it indicates configuration problems. Note also that this warning can be triggered due to the previous glue and/or a record inconsistencies, and any following results may not be accurate until those are corrected. The following nameservers are stealth nameservers: "

Any help would be great!

What is/are the domain/s in question?

Where are you seeing that error?

Looks like all domains I have on Cloudflare (using Cloudflard Nameservers) are having this issue. The “server disconnected” error is from Thunderbird and a similar error with ssh using the domain name, the issue disappears when we use the IP address. The thunderbird error is being reported from different domains’ email addresses in different locations. Only domains using Cloudflare are reporting seeing this error over and over.

The “Glue vs. A record Conflict” & the “FAIL: Nameserver IP Consistency” are on different sites (only the ones using Cloudflare). I discovered that error when I do a nameserver/dns lookup trying to narrow down the issue. Here is an example: Leaf DNS


Thank you. I did not check all your domains but do see an issue with dns propagation with the 3 or 4 I tested, were the sites working properly at one point and just started throwing errors or did they never work properly? whois shows some without issue and at least one with an icann hold that sometimes affects ns changes.

I was checking propagation

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