Glue Records with Custom Nameservers assigned to our IP

Good day! We are on a Cloudflare Business Plan. We’d like custom nameservers created and assigned the specific IP addresses below with glue records. xx.xx.xx.xx xx.xx.xx.xy

We had previously been using the and as nameservers with the domain at a different registrar. They had glue records assigned which are still showing in DNS lookups. We transferred the domain over to Cloudflare last month and the old glue records and ip are still being reported. We’ve upgraded our server and the ip has changed.

Does the above request need to be completed by Cloudflare? Will the issue as described be clear to the Cloudflare team? And will they be able to use our requested ip addresses for the custom nameserver?


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If I understand your question correctly, it sounds like you want to specify the IP assignment used by your custom nameservers. The documentation that I found indicates that the IPs are assigned automatically.

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Yes, I saw that. Another thread advised contacting support to have them update the glue record, which I have done. I was hoping someone had a similar experience. I may be making this harder than needed or causing a future issue.

There are several domains still reporting the old ip address even after a week of updating the domain DNS. I was advised it is a glue record issue.

Perhaps it will be easier to use the assigned Cloudflare IP for a newly named set of custom nameservers and simply update the domains.

I’m pushed for time as the older server is scheduled for decommission on the 24th.


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That’s only necessary when creating account-level vanity nameservers. For zone-level, there’s no need as it’s all done automatically. (I’ve done both). As says, the IPs are set for you.


This is not clear to me - are you running a nameserver on your server that you are using for other domains?

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Yes. We were … But as I’m thinking all this through, it seems there is no reason to. We should be utilizing Cloudflare’s nameservers, but we were hoping to be able to keep existing nameserver custom / vanity in names as there are about 25 domains set up using the prior nameserver names and IP addresses.

Then it seems like what you really need is for Cloudflare to remove the existing glue records if you want to use your existing nameservers on the new server.

You also need to create A records for and

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If the custom nameservers are also going to be authoritative for the zone they are in, they will still need glue records in the parent zone. I would expect this to be something that you can update yourself at your registrar as soon as you have been assigned the IPs.

I think you’re correct… The old glue records are preventing the domains from resolving to the new ip addresses. I’ve submitted a request for Cloudflare support to assist.


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Understand. Thanks! Cloudflare is now the registrar so I’ve reached out and asked for Cloudflare Support to assist…

This all helps … I wanted to be clear in my request to Cloudflare Support.

Thanks again for your help.

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Oops. I seem to have missed the mention of your use of Cloudflare registrar. It should all happen automatically then, and, if for some reason it doesn’t, Cloudflare support should be able to get it corrected.

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