Global search on dashboard homepage

It would be cool on the main page to have a search for all entities at once - accounts and sites in one field.

The same applies to the selection field of another site when you are on the page of the site. As a user - I want to enter the first letters of another domain and quickly switch to it.

I’ve noticed that as well on the new dashboard. Old one has this. I miss having that feature. Is that what you were thinking of?


Yes, on the new dashboard. There are many improvements in it, but fast switching between sites is not enough. Especially if the site is in another account

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I have two accounts, but one is empty. Did this ever work before?

Recently you can search site globally at

What I liked about the old setup was that I could be in the Page Rules for one domain, then go to the top and live-search to switch to another domain. This is impossible now. Only the other domains in the “Websites” menu are available without hopping through the menu again.

Seems like this has been recently re-introduced :thinking: and working at least for me.
I can “type and search a domain again”, and switch to a domain on the exact page while being on the same tab/page on another one (within the same CF account):

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I normally just edit the URL. If they are in the same account it works.

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