Global Protect VPN Doesn't Connect while WARP is Connected


i’m testing WARP on our user devices, and I noticed that when WARP is connected, our 3rd-party VPN no longer connects to our network. The VPN seems to connect fine, but just disconnects with no error messages. We use VPN to access internal resources on our network. We use Palo Alto’s GlobalProtect for our VPN client. Is there any solution to have them both work at the same time? I suspect that there is something that needs to be configured on either side. Any help is appreciated.


any solution? i’ve exclude the vpn’s ip but still globalprotect’s wont work if warp is on

There are requirements for the legacy VPN to work along with WARP documented here that you could follow to configure both sides WARP with legacy VPN · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs.

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