Global problem not apparent on the status page - Zero Trust no longer functional as WARP connection is not possible

Hello Cloudflare Support,

Zero Trust is completely crippled as you can no longer connect via WARP.

It is not apparent on the status page.

It would be very helpful if you could make the service functional again. Thanks!

This response was posted while connected via Warp in a Zero Trust organization.

What problem are you experiencing?

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Hello cscharff,

thank you for the answer.

WARP is in a continuous loop of connecting for me (Germany).

In other tenants we see e.g. in the USA (Texas) strongly decreasing connection numbers.

No one is actively working in Germany right now anyway, but the falling connection numbers in the USA have led me to believe there is a global problem.

What can I say…
At this moment it works again… The failure lasted about 30 minutes.

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