Global Name resolution hickups

Hi Guys, As a Cloudflare dns / ssl user running aws instances monitored by google cloud’s stackdriver for ages and something weird is happening that never happened before. I am wondering if you experience the same recently. I wanted to open one of my servers via ssh or log in to my kibana site but for a few moments none of them are available. These hickups lasts some moments and then resolved. I checked ping and traceroute to my domains and all of them hosted in AWS cannot become resolved in terminal for a few moments and then everything is fine. It started 2 hours ago and still lasts but neither Cloudflare nor aws has major issues reported on their status pages. Thanks if you let me know that the problem is affected you too or not.

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By any chance is your domain an io domain? We’ve been having this problem last couple of hours as well, and judging by twitter we are not alone. Cloudflare has yet to acknowledge.

I’m seeing the same issue – very slow lookups to my CF-hosted domains, or outright refused requests. I’m thinking maybe I should boost TTL to smooth over the issue until CF fixes things. (My domains are .com and .org, not .io, btw.)

I am .com and it seems to be resolved now but I am a bit concerned because my monitoring provider (google) might fail in checking name resolution just because their dns resolution may fail. But unfortunately I use local dns servers on my mac and they fail too. So I am assuming it is not only google but Cloudflare. The most annoying part is that Cloudflare status page does not communicate the outage.

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