Global Load Balancer Latency Based Routing

I asked this question previously but the topic was closed before I could gather more information.

My question was if there would be any benefit to using the Global Load Balancing service with an origin server in a region where Cloudflare does not have a Point of Presence?

The response was “If you use latency based routing in the LB it would route it to the pool with the origins that respond quickest to the POP the users are connecting to.”

There is no POP in Hawaii. So users in Hawaii would be routed from Hawaii to the Cloudflare POP located in California?

Right now we get 6ms pings inter-island and 60ms pings to Cloudflare in California.

If we used Global Load balancing our users in Hawaii would be routed to the POP in California vs the origin server 6ms away?

Thank you for clarifying this.

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