Global DNS AAAA Records Preventing SSL From Being Installed At WP Engine

I have WP Engine and followed all instructions. Even mirrored settings from another WP Engine + Cloudflare setup I have.

However, the SSL at WPE is not issuing. When I contacted WPE support, they told me the AAAA records showing up are preventing my SSL from being installed.

The thing is that in CF DNS, I don’t have any AAAA records setup. Only the CNAME records which I updated about 8 hours ago after I removed A record pointing to the old hosting company.

DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

The website is currently offline and I’m scratching my head. WPE says it’s all a CF issue.

Any Ideas?

Even if your server is IPv4 only, Cloudflare assigns IPv6 records. IPv6 visitors get “bridged” over to IPv4 through Cloudflare. Recently, Cloudflare turned off the ability to shut off IPv6.

I can only suggest you briefly :grey: that domain until the certificate clears.

ok, I’ll try that.

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