Global config rollback


I did a big mistake on my domain name managed at Cloudflare.

To make it simple, I was using Cloudflare as Nameserver for my domain name. I made a f*** mistake by changing the Nameservers (directly in my registrar) and it deleted all the DNS information in my account at Cloudflare.

I would like to come back to a previous state (rollback) for my whole config at Cloudflare (including DNS, page rules, and so on.)

I found the log panel in my CF account but it doesn’t help me as there is no “rollback” in it. (I just can check the zone was deleted…)

Thanks a lot.

To set DNS configs to a certain state you should have exported them. Then you could simply import them. But I don’t know of any other rollback function.

Thanks Martin,
Indeed next time I will export my config ! But at that time, I hope anyone can give me some help on a rollback option.

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