Global caching ( more so Europe & Australia ). Free VS Pro Plan

Hi crew, I’m sure there’s a post somewhere about this but I’ve been digging and haven’t quite found what I’m looking for so here it is.

I have an AWS instance on the East coast, Nginx proxy, and a free + APO CF plan that is caching 92-99% of the site/rules.

I’ve tested 100s of locations between the States and Canada and the server out-performs CF cache but it’s a few ms and not worth a discussion.

When I start testing abroad, starting with Europe, CF clearly wins ( with a couple countries as exceptions ) and then Australia we’re talking over a 3-5 second difference.

My load time averages look something like this:

US/CA - Server 600-700ms, CF 600-800ms.
Europe - Server 1100-2000ms, CF 800-1400ms.
Australia - Server 9200ms, CF 4800ms.

I’ve read an article stating that Aus is expensive for CF - does this mean that CF sends data through slower networks and if so does upgrading to the pro plan improve ( the network? ) speed/cache?

Can someone please shine some light on this or share some posts?

25 bucks is worth the test so I’ll be doing that anyways but would be nice to know more especially about Europe, Australia, CF cache and different plans.

Would be dope to see some numbers especially if someone has launched an instance in Europe and compared load balancing/geo routing VS CF cache.


To the best of my knowledge, Cloudflare prevents some ISPs from accessing their Australia locations unless your zone is on a business plan at least, though current information is hard to find:

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