Global API Token


Is there a way to have a global API Token shared between users in order to avoid issues when someone leaves the company ? Or should we use a technical account in order to stick our shared Global API Token ?

Thank you

For service based access you should probably create a global key and store it in a secrets vault.

For per user operations, a per user key which can be revoked as part of user lifecycle management would be more appropriate than a shared key.

Hello @cscharff ,
Your global key that you are speaking about is global for a user scope but not global at account/organisation level

I don’t think that’s the case.

I create a separate service account for this use case, and issue the API Tokens from that account. If somebody leaves/dies etc. the tokens are still valid.

This used to be a documented Cloudflare recommendation, but the only reference I can find now is in the Google search preview.