Global API Not Functioning

My IHP (Hostwinds) has collaboration with Cloudflare, but are unable to activate Cloudflare plugin in my server cPanel using my Cloudflare credentials and API.

Tried changing Account Name and API, but host still cannot install plugin.

Please advise.

I don’t use Cloudflare through a Hosting Partner, but I believe the following is how it works:

If you set up Cloudflare through your ISP, it’s using their API Key and you have to manage your Cloudflare settings from their end.

Thing is, I need the Cloudflare plugin installed into my cPanel for me to do this, and IHP requires my Cloudflare API to do this install.

But you’ve tried your API and it’s not working. You should get more support from Hostwinds, as they seem to be your connection to Cloudflare with their collaboration.

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