Give our clients our vanity nameservers


Our company offers a SaaS products subscription, we want to manage our clients’ DNS and we want to give them our branded nameservers e.g. and instead of and Does the business plan work for this? We have about 150 domains.


I believe this is only available at the Enterprise level.


Moreover, you could become Cloudflare partner in better case.
Because paying Enterprise for each of your client’s domain on the same Cloudflare account, not sure about it, but not a good approach regarding the payment for each of it, or I am missing something here?


As an “official response,” you probably want to look into Cloudflare for SaaS more broadly. I’m not in sales, but I know we have a lot of SaaS providers using Cloudflare Enterprise and managing customers’ DNS in one way or another.

But! Depending on how you were thinking on going about it, custom nameservers are in fact available on the Business plan. You might be able to hack something together using Biz domains; here’s a link to our help center with some details and caveats.

That said, if your company offers an SLA, phone support, onboarding, etc. to your customers, it might make sense for you to be on a CF plan that does the same.


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