Give individual access to domain or group of domains

Hello there,

We have been moving domain names from NameCheap over to CloudFlare, but one of the most requested features from our IT staff is the ability to give someone access to a single domain, or multiple domains, so they can make DNS changes. We still need to maintain the domain name and DNS, but we had a few questions ask about making DNS changes themselves.

Is this possible? I’ve been able to get our employees access, which is great. But that’s all or nothing.

For now, this is an Enterprise-only feature. which allows multiple super admins in an account so that every super admin can add or remove members at any time.

For other plans users, only one super admin is allowed in one account.

Also do note that if a super admin is giving access to another person (let’s say, Administrator role), you are giving the person access to all domains inside the account, so you can’t really specify which domain to give access to.

A workaround for this use case would be: generate an API token and share it with the person who needs access to the DNS management to modify the DNS records - but they will need to communicate with Cloudflare via the API endpoint.

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