Github Pages changes do not show on website

I set up Cloudflare a long time ago onto my domain. Previously it would work very well with making a change onto Github and that change being reflected through the website very quickly.

But now, I made some changes on Github and no changes are reflected. I’ve tried clearing my cache and enabling/re-enabling DNS, and turning on Dev mode. So far nothing has done anything. I’ve waited at least 3 hours after each change to see if it has propagated through the network.

website is:
should see a file titled “Kevin_Zhang_Resume_T_01_01_19” and not “Kevin_Zhang_Resume_T_01_01_19”

Strangely enough I can’t access your website.

Your www redirects to the non-www version, but there’s no A record or CNAME for the root (non-www) DNS zone.

$ curl -v
< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
< Location:
$ dig +short
# nothing

Looks like your website is working for me now. As for your issue, this is what I get when I go to your website:

< Via: 1.1 varnish
< Age: 222
< X-Cache: HIT
< X-Cache-Hits: 1
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; url=">

That X-Cache header is likely some varnish cache. If Cloudflare was caching the page, it would have the Cf-Cache-Status header, which isn’t present.

Is this a Varnish server you set up? Last time I checked, GitHub pages itself doesn’t use Varnish, but they may have changed up their infrastructure since then.

I never set up a server myself so i don’t know! The website is now not working for me either. showing me that: server IP address could not be found. On my DNS, I correctly point to the IPs listed on github’s website.

Also, the google drive link you recieved was the outdated version. I made changes on Github that don’t reflect that so I don’t know why my changes don’t show up.

I believe I have resolved it. It was not a Cloudflare problem but a Github problem. It appears I needed to make changes to index.html in order for it to propagate. Was very odd.

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