GitHub Pages - Astro Framework - Node.js v12.18.0 is not supported by Astro!

Hi everyone,

I’m new to GitHub Pages, and was trying to deploy an Astro based website that’s coming from my Github account, while running to this error :slight_smile:

|19:55:08.735|Node.js v12.18.0 is not supported by Astro!
|19:55:08.735|Please upgrade to a version of Node.js with complete ESM support: ^14.18.0 || >=16.12.0|

As it appeared the default Node.js version available by Cloudflare is v12.18.0, which is not supported by Astro. So, I’m just wondering would there be any work around for it?


Add the environment variable NODE_VERSION with the value 16

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Or a .nvmrc file in the repo’s root folder. Which makes it supported in almost all services, including locally if you are using nvm.

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Ahh okay, shall try these both methods. Thanks guys :blush:

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