Github page hosted on Cloudflare Issues with DNS settings

I’ve been going back and forth between too_many_redirects errors and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN errors… can’t quite figure out which DNS records to add to Cloudflare to get my github page site wroking properly. Any help would be appreciated

Have you followed Configuring a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs?

Whats the domain and post a screenshot of your DNS settings.

thanks, Sandro. The solution was to disable “Enfroce HTTPS” on Github’s side and wait 10-15 minutes for change to apply. Thanks for the help!

You probably dont have a secure connection at this point. Try to re-enable that setting and switch to “Full strict” as SSL mode.

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Great point. To confirm this works, if I see my site automatically default to https://… “Full strict” SSL mode it must be working?

Presumably :slight_smile:

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