Github page hosted on Cloudflare Issues with DNS settings


I’ve been going back and forth between too_many_redirects errors and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN errors… can’t quite figure out which DNS records to add to cloudflare to get my github page site wroking properly. Any help would be appreciated


Have you followed

Whats the domain and post a screenshot of your DNS settings.


thanks, Sandro. The solution was to disable “Enfroce HTTPS” on Github’s side and wait 10-15 minutes for change to apply. Thanks for the help!


You probably dont have a secure connection at this point. Try to re-enable that setting and switch to “Full strict” as SSL mode.

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Great point. To confirm this works, if I see my site automatically default to https://… “Full strict” SSL mode it must be working?


Presumably :slight_smile:

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