Github Integration is not working

I am experiencing a strange issue.

I am using a personal github account with cloudflare pages.

When I navigate to “Pages” I see the standard page. I then click connect to github.

That brings me to the configure page.

It doesn’t matter if I select 1 repo or all repos, I then get returned to the workers / pages main page.
I click through and I’m back at step 1

Even though my github is connected.

How can I debug this? I don’t want to use gitlab.

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have verified GitLab works, however GitHub stalls at the same point.

You’re not alone, the same thing is happening to me - I thought it was related to a larger issue I’m experiencing with Pages, but now I’m also getting the same issue you’ve described.

On the bright side, I suspect that means it’ll be resolved on its own shortly :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for the reports! We’re tracking the issue here:

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This seems to be working for me now. Thanks.

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