GitHub deploy has errors, manual file upload works

I’ve been using pages for quite some time and at my last update I noticed something broke. Debugging I found that using GitHub creates some error in the page, but uploading the files directly does not.

This page works: [REMOVED - refer solution below]

This page does not: [REMOVED - refer solution below]

Literally the only difference is that one page is sent via Deploy process from Github while the other one that works is just a manual upload of the exact same files. No errors are created in the Deploy log.

UPDATE - It seems that the version where I manually upload the files also happens to ignore the /functions directory. I’m thinking that somehow having a function is also breaking something on the page. Everything is pretty vanilla though.

UPDATE 2 - I’ve narrowed it down to the MailChannels plugin. Is there a way to only have that plugin working on a specific page?

I’ve solved it by moving my contact form out of the root directory and including a _routes.json which excludes the pages that had problems with the MailChannels plugin like so:

   "version": 1,
   "include": ["/*"],
   "exclude": ["/articles/*"]