Git push 4GB failed

Git push 4GB failed because wp-content/upload folder file size too big,so can I host wp-content/upload folder’s image file to cloudlare and can cloudlare format images into webp filetype for scalings ?

The screenshot is from github support team

Yes Cloudflare can convert images into WEBP filetpye.
For more information see here:

Polish WebP conversion

Customers on the Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans can enable the automatic creation of WebP images by checking the WebP box in the Polish settings for a zone

Storing Data in to KV has a Limit of 10 MB per Entry.
If your Image Files are bigger than 10 MB it will be not possible:

See here for more Info:

After subscription to a Workers Bundled plan, KV is enabled. Workers KV supports:

  • Up to 100 Namespaces per account
  • Unlimited keys per namespace
  • Keys of up to 512 bytes
  • Values of up to 10 MB
  • Metadata of up to 1024 bytes per key
  • Unlimited reads per second
  • Unlimited writes per second, if they are to different keys
  • Up to one write per second to any particular key

Alse be aware that very heavy Image based Websites that use the Storage and require a lot of Bandwith and have a dispropotional Ratio Image to Content can be in confilct with the Cloudflare Term of Uses Rules.

See here official Statement:

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