Gigantic problem - Cloudflare not working in Denmark at all!

Cloudflare prevents access to all sites when users have a Danish IP. So all websites in Denmark using Cloudflare have a giant problem. Noone can visit their website.
The same thing happened yesterday and was fixed in about an hour.

I just wrote this in a support ticket but no one is replying .
Anyone knows how to get some technicians to look at critical problems on a Sunday??
If yes, please help by writing a mail to [email protected]

“ is hosted with you on a PRO solution.
When users in Denmark visits the site, it is unaccessible.
When users in other parts of the world visits, they can see it.
We have the same problem on our other sites using your service, and Zitcom tells me this is a general problem with you affecting all their danish customers.
You had the same problem yesterday.
This must be fixed immediately - it is totally unacceptable”

Post a screenshot of the error and the output of these commands


OK, here is the screenshot of site

Here is the screenshot of ping:

This is not so much a problem with Cloudflare but rather of your server presumably blocking Cloudflare’s Danish proxy addresses. Thats something you need to fix on your server, most likely on its firewall.

It is not Cloudflare blocking in this case but you. Cloudflare accepts the request but cannot connect to your server and then runs into the - already depicted - timeout.

If you had searched - as you were prompted to - you’d have found Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

Zitcom (the biggest Danish webhost company) already checked this. All the Danish Proxy adresses are whitelisted in the firewall
Please be aware that our site is accessible from other countries . If the server blocked cloudflare, so cloudflare could not connect to our server - how would it be possible to visit the site from Belgium?

Please also note that the same problem happened yesterday and was fixed by Cloudflare - not by changing anything on our servers or firewall.

Attached screendump visiting site via Tor (not Danish ip)

Because you seemingly only block the addresses from Cloudflare’s Copenhagen datacentre and not others.

I guess you will have mostly Danish visitors which will be routed via that datacentre and maybe because of that your host blocked that particular datacentre, respectively its IP addresses, because the vast majority of requests come from a handful of these addresses.

Zitcom says they followed a guide they received from Cloudflare
with a list of all the adresses that should be whitelisted and they checked that they were already whitelisted.
Since the problem suddenly happened yesterday morning and was fixed in 30-60 minutes, and it happened again today - is it a possiblility that these Copenhagen proxy ips have been changed since yesterday?

There always is such a possibility. You basically need to make sure the addresses listed at are not blocked in any way. These are the addresses where request come from worldwide (all datacentres).

OK thx, I will talk to them again

This would seem to be the most likely explanation, but that really is something only your host can look into.

It also doesnt have to be blocked right on the server, but could be blocked higher up the level depending on how the network security is designed.

Thanks for your help.
Zitcom tells me they now got through to your technical team and their technical director has a dialogue with your technical director (ticket 1858573) . I will post here when the problem is solved,what the solution was.

Update: Zitcom informed me that you were correct, and they accidentally blocked requests from your Copenhagen data center yesterday and today.
Thanks for your help.

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