Gif image resizing is not working

I am a fe developer and using the CF for resizing images from Azure storage at work.
Currently, Resizing is being worked by worker that has been deployed a few years back according to your instructions in the doc.

I’ve tried to resize gif images with query params but I saw that results are not what I wanted to see.
I am putting format parameter on query params to get image as webp for gifs. But this is not always working as well.
Sometimes it worked but I couldn’t catch the clear causes why it worked, which means it happened randomly on my end.
Fyi, Most static images including jpeg, png and jpg are being resized pretty well. But why not for gifs?

Do you have specific standards or protocols for enabling gifs to be resized? or any solutions for this?
If you have , please let me know about them. (sorry if it is documented already)

Hope to get response soon.
Many thanks

Hey there,

From the description of your issue, most likely you are hitting one of the limits for transforming GIF assets. In particular, GIFs must be smaller than 50 Megapixels in total, meaning that the sum of all frames in the GIF is less than 50 Megapixels. I would recommend taking a look at the following documentation and checking if the transformation is not being done due to one of the limits.