Gif and widgets not showing

hello !!
i am using free account,after i connect to Cloudflare ,not showing any widgets and gif .how to fix this help me plz

Hi @subsite8080,

Please provide more details about your setup so that I or some other member of the community can try to help you.


hello ,iam using free account setting also default.i haven’t changed anything , Gif and widgets not showing ,i dont know what to do ?

What is your hosting provider?
Could you please inform your website address?

What’s your domain URL?

before the cloud flare its Gif and widgets work. fine. my hosting provider is

I couldn’t identify any problem.
Apparently, all the images and widgets were loaded perfectly on my Chrome.

Could you please describe the problem better so that it can be reproduced?

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not showing to me.

Please open your site in incognito mode and confirm that the problem continues to occur.

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incognito mode it showing ! how to show that in normal mode??

This behavior occurs because of the extensions that you have enabled in your browser.

E.g.: Some AdBlockers also block social plugins. That’s probably what’s happening with yours widgets.

Try disabling extensions temporarily and reactivating them one-by-one until you identify which ones are causing the unwanted result. Some of them have the option to add exceptions. If this is the case, you can add your website so that the extensions do not act on it.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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oh…man that work…thank you very much.thank you for your time :blush::blush::blush:

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You’re welcome! :wink:

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