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Hi! Our website has 2 different versions on www and without www. This versions have different design, structure and content. We can’t make forwarding. Forward on Coudflare, hosting and in code doesn’t work. But if we use hosting NS, forwarding is work. We think that Cloudflare caching our website. Pudge cache on account can’t work. Can somebody help us with this problem?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default, i am unable to understand your issue. Could please eleborate

Maybe it’s not cache. We don’t know. We have 2 versions website (www and without www). We need to forwarding this www version. We made forwarding rules on Cloudflare but it can’t work. We made forwarding on htaccess, it can’t work. But if we use hosting NS and skip Cloudflare account, forwarding is work. We think that problem in Cloudlare. But can’t understand

So to make sure forwarding works, make sure you have proxied the dns records through Cloudflare. I mean both www and non www than the forwarding should work

We did it, but forwarding can’t work

Post the page rule here

Interesting, if you could share the URL i would check on my device

What would you want to check?

If it’s redirecting :skull::eyes:

Domain redirect from www. domain. com to our main page with www and options (www. domain. com/?r_done=1)

Have you used a Cloudflare partner such as Shopify or WPEngine in the past? If yes, the domain may still be locked to that provider which could be causing these issues. Please take a look at this article for more information.

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What does this mean actually :eyes:

Does anyone have solution to this error? what’s the conclusion.

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